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Much more to come...






Pretty Maids have parted company with keyboard player Morten Sandager
in mutual understanding!

We wish him the best for the future!















"Our Scouts in Denmark ended up crossing the Øresund Bridge and headed north
on the Swedish side, but not without some pretty Danish girls in tow.
Please welcome PRETTY MAIDS on board 70000TONS OF METAL 2015!

As a special treat they will play their 1987 hit album FUTURE WORLD in it's
entirety for one of their two shows on board 70000TONS OF METAL, The Original,
The World's Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise!"







Video for 'Heart Without a Home', from the album, 'Louder Than Ever'.







Video for 'My Soul to Take', taken from the forthcoming album,
'Louder Than Ever', out in Europe on March 21st and March 25th in the US.




Nuclear Boomerang!



Video for 'Nuclear Boomerang', taken from the forthcoming album,
'Louder Than Ever', out in Europe on March 21st and March 25th in the US.




Online concert!



Pretty Maids in your living room for 3$!!

Pretty Maids will be the first ever Hard-Rock band to be fed directly to your
phone/tablet! No matter where you are - Tokyo or L.A. - you can be a part of
our first ever online concert.

1: Go get the free app! - "Subcell" (AppStore or GooglePlay)
2: Sign up to the event - (3$ paid via your iTunes or Google account)
3: Have a party and see the show wherever you like - (March 28th - Showtime
to be announced)

To all who cannot be with us live - see you in Future World!!





Louder Than Ever!



Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of PRETTY MAIDS
"Louder Than Ever" - a collection of new songs and re-recorded tracks selected
from past albums on March 21st in Europe and March 25th in North America.

"Louder Than Ever" includes the following tracks:

CD: Deranged (New Song); Playing God; Psycho Time Bomb Planet Earth;
My Soul To Take (New Song); He Who Never Lived; Virtual Brutality;
Tortured Spirit; With These Eyes; Nuclear Boomerang (New Song);
Snakes In Eden; Wake Up To The Real World;
A Heart Without A Home (New Song).

DVD: A Retrospective of the "Motherland" 2013 World Tour. Includes Archive
footage from early stages of the band's career, interviews, backstage,
Studio Footage and the usual freakiness.






Happy New Year!



Happy New Year!




Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year









PRETTY MAIDS are recording "Louder Than Ever" an album of re-recorded
classics and new songs and a special bonus DVD!

The album will consist of re-recorded songs from the era between 1995 & 2006.
The reason for doing this project is to give those songs a different spin with the
band and producer we have now. It is an in-between album until the band
completes the next studio album with new tunes. This Album will ALSO consist
of brand new songs and a bonus DVD.

Release date spring 2014.







MOTHERLAND will be out on vinyl through Frontiers/Soulfood on September 13!








Please be aware, that the show at Wacken Open Air has been moved
to Friday, August 2nd.







The Premier SKYFEST, Classic and Melodic Rock Festival,
- powered by Marshall Amplification.

With 21 of their most requested AOR and Melodic Rock bands from around
the globe (and we’ve had a hint that there may be a few surprise guests),
Firebrand Rock Radio and Skyfire PR are hosting this 2 Day Festival on
Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September at The Intake, Kirkland Avenue,
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK.

Tickets are available from www.skyrocketrecords.co.uk/skyfest-tickets at the
fantastic price of only £40 for a Single DAY Pass and £75 for a WEEKEND Pass.

• This is an indoor festival so no muddy swamps, portaloos and dodgy burgers
• 21 bands across 2 days at an incredible value price
• Bands from the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Austria, Ireland, and the USA
• Bands choosing Skyfest as their exclusive UK date on European tours
• Debut UK appearance by Teazer from the USA and chance to win a guitar
• “Supergroups” of members of popular established bands playing together
at Skyfest
• Sound system powered by Marshall Amplification
• Live DJ Sessions with some of Firebrand Rock Radio’s finest
• Meet and Greet with the bands
• 1 or 2 day passes available with top class bands each day

“Party Like A Rockstar” with US band Teazer making their UK debut at Skyfest.
One lucky Skyfest ticket owner, drawn at random, will WIN an autographed
Epiphone Les Paul Jr Guitar and the opportunity to party with US rock band
Teazer across the Skyfest weekend!

Saturday’s bands are Pretty Maids, Redrum, Vega, I Am I, Teazer, Code Of Silence,
X-Ufo, Summers, Daylight Robbery, Estrella, Cornerstone & Last Breath
Bands appearing on Sunday are Rage Of Angels, Coldspell, Moritz, Tainted Nation,
Doris Brendel, Rob Mancini, Knock Out Kaine, The Room & Hangfire.

For more information, or to arrange an interview about Skyfest
Please email pr@skyfirepr.com or telephone 01244 940961.







Ronnie Atkins says a few words about the MOTHERLAND tour...





Pretty Maids på Odense Festival Visionsfest



Arrangørerne af Odense Festivalen har valgt at gennemføre fredagen,
trods manglende sponsorer og svigtende billetsalg.

Vi bakker selvfølgelig op om dette initiativ og ser frem
til en god dag i Tusindårskoven.

Vi er glæder til igen at komme til Odense og trykke den
af for vores trofaste fans:)




Show cancelled



Due to the highly unprofessional behavior of the promoter Nikos Faitas,
we are unfortunately forced to cancel our appearance at the festival in
Corfu/Greece on the 18th of august 2013.

But be sure that PRETTY MAIDS will certainly be back to play to the
dedicated fans in Greece under better circumstances!




'Motherland' out now!



Get it from iTunes, Amazon, your local musicstore or any other place.

Hope you love it, see you on the road in 2013!





'Sad To See You Suffer' out now!



Second single from the forthcoming album is out now!

Order it from iTunes or Amazon today!




Press release from Frontiers



Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of PRETTY MAIDS
first single "Mother of All Lies" today on all digital shops worldwide !

You can also enjoy the videoclip on Youtube following
this link: http://youtu.be/98yioLUluzk

The video was shot by the famed director Thomas Tjader who already
worked with PRETTY MAIDS for the clip "Little Drops of Heaven".

The new single anticipates the release of the album "Motherland"
scheduled to be released on Frontiers Records on March 22nd in
Europe and March 25th in North America.





Press release from Frontiers



Danish Dynamite Rockers PRETTY MAIDS to release their new album
"MOTHERLAND" on Frontiers in March !

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of PRETTY MAIDS
anticipated new album entitled "Motherland" on March 22nd in Europe
and March 26th in North America.


After their successful and highly acclaimed 2010 album "Pandemonium",
Danish melodic Hard Rockers, Pretty Maids celebrated their 30th anniversary
with their debut visual release "It Comes Alive (Maid in Switzerland)" in 2012.
"Pandemonium" showed the world that Pretty Maids were in a creative
spring again, with the band in their finest moment. The melodic approach
brought a return to the "Future World / Red Hot and Heavy" era of the
eighties, but with an updated sound and freshness that consolidated
Pretty Maids as strong as ever.

In late spring 2012, the band gathered to finally write the follow up album. S
inger Ronnie Atkins tells: "We knew it was going to be a tough one to follow !
I remember back in the day when we had to follow up albums like
"Future World", we tried more or less to copy the songs from the previous
album to keep the same kind of balance. But this time we just wrote what
came natural to us and that's what became "Motherland".


The band teamed up again with producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe)
for the new album. Ronnie says: "Jacob was a natural choice since we had a
great experience with him producing the "Pandemonium" album. The recordings
went smooth to begin with, but then we had to start touring again during
the weekends and this created some stress. Though I really feel strongly about
"Motherland". In my view it has all the ingredients of a good Pretty Maids album,
maybe even more melodic than "Pandemonium" and absolutely, as far as I'm
concerned a worthy follow up".

Founded in early 1982 by guitarist Ken Hammer and singer Ronnie Atkins,
Pretty Maids soon established themselves as a band to be taken seriously
in the early eighties, having their breakthrough with the release - in April 1987 -
of the album "Future World". This record soon gathered a universal recognition as
a "Classic", which endures to date, and allowed the band to perform in from of
large audiences thanks to their tour with Deep Purple and their appearances in
the "Monsters of Rock" festival. The following album "Jump The Gun" kept the
momentum for the band, particularly in Europe and Japan.

Throughout the nineties Pretty Maids continued to release albums, usually
followed by European and Japanese tours with the band still maintaining a very
high songwriting and production standards. The release of "Wake up to the
Real World" in 2006 started the band's relationship with Frontiers Records.

"Motherland" will include the following tracks:
Mother Of All Lies; To Fool A Nation; Confession; The Iceman;
Sad To See You Suffer; Hooligan; Infinity; Why So Serious; Motherland;
I See Ghosts; Bullet For You; Who What Where When Why; Wasted.

The release of the new album will be preceded by the release of the
single / video
"Mother of All Lies" which will hit the streets on January 22nd 2013.
A sample of the single can be heard following this link:


Pretty Maids will play numerous festivals this summer such as Wacken Open
Air and Bang Your Head !!!, followed by an extensive world tour in support of
" Motherland".

Pretty Maids are stronger than ever - don't miss them on tour !!!


Ronnie Atkins - vocals
Ken Hammer - guitars
Morten Sandager - keyboards
Allan Tschicaja - drums
Rene Shades - bass





Mother Of All Lies



First single, 'Mother Of All Lies' will be out on January 22!

Preorder it from iTunes or Amazon now.




Merry Xmas 2012!






PM studio EPICsode 6






Official Press Release from Frontiers Records



We are proud to announce That Danish Melodic Metallers PRETTY MAIDS
are hard at work in the studio to give birth to the successor of "Pandemonium".
The title of the new album will be "Motherland" and the band has not changed
the winning production team which worked on the previous record with
Jacob Hansen at the production helm. Some of the song titles in the works
are "Mother of All Lies", "I See Ghosts", "The Iceman", "Why So Serious",
To Fool a Nation" and the title track.

The fans can expect the usual dose of heavy guitar riffs and superb hooklines
in the finest tradition of the band musical style.
Release date is expected in the spring of 2013.




PM studio EPICsode 5






St. Petersburg show update



Concerning the postponed show in St. Petersburg, Russia, PRETTY MAIDS are
very happy to announce that a new date has been re-scheduled.

The show will held NOVEMBER 23rd 2012 at the VINYL STORY CLUB.

Ronnie wishes to thank all for their best wishes.





Forum offline



Hi everyone. We've taken the forum offline, because of a severe malware
infection. We're working on cleaning it up, but we will not open the forum until
we are sure that it's completely safe to use.

In the meantime, please check out our facebook page.





St. Petersburg cancelled



We / Pretty maids will with big regret and unfortunately have to cancel and
reschedule our gig on Friday in St. Petersburg, Russia due to a virus on
Ronnie Atkin's vocal chords. Ronnie has recently been struggling with a throat
infection due to too much strain on and has now been ordered from his doctor to
rest his voice for at least a week to prevent any further or permanent damage
to his chordsand get back in shape.

This also means that he'll have to postpone
the recordings of the vocals that he still has to do for the new Pretty Maids
album for at least a week.

We are of course terrible sorry todisapoint all our Russian fans who we were
about to encounter for the first time, finally !!! The band is however very eager
to play this show and will do anything to reschedule the gig as soon as
possible and finally play their first concert in St. Petersburg.

A new date will be announced within the next 48 hours.





PM studio EPICsode 4






PM studio EPICsode 3






PM studio EPICsode 2






PM studio EPICsode 1






New album in the works



Hey everyone... We are currently finishing up writing material for a new
album here in CAMP ROCK. Next week we start tracking the first songs
for the new album but before that we're off to play Skanderborg festival
in Denmark and then to Slovakia, Snina to do what we love:
to play in front of you guys.

See you out there!

Pretty Maids







Late Fall of 2012, Pretty Maids will be playing two shows
in Japan. This will be the first time in 11 years.

Fall dates also include Russia, Germany, France, US and many more.

See all the dates on the tour page




It Comes Alive (Maid in Switzerland)



PRETTY MAIDS to celebrate their 30th Anniversary
with the release of « It Comes Alive » -
the band’s first ever audio-visual release !

Press release from Frontiers Records:

Frontiers Records is pleased to celebrate PRETTY MAIDS’ Thirtieth Anniversary
with the release of the band’s first ever live 2CD/DVD package entitled
It Comes Alive (Maid in Switzerland)” on March 23rd in Europe and March 27th
in North America.

Following the highly acclaimed 2010 album “Pandemonium”, Danish melodic
hard rockers, Pretty Maids have been touring more or less constantly throughout
2010/2011. They undertook a full scale European tour in 2010 and have since
played several festivals and occasional gigs. The overwhelming response to the
new songs and the ongoing requests coming from the fans prompted the band
to take their chance and record a live 2CD/DVD last October 1st 2011.
Pretty Maids gathered in Pratteln, Switzerland with an enthusiastic and
highly explosive crowd of die hard fans and followers to fulfill the demand,
for an energetic and memorable performance which was recorded with a fully
equipped mobile studio and cameras.

Riding on the success of our previous studio album Pandemonium and with
maybe the strongest line up ever, we thought that we’d make some kind of
a live document of what this band is all about in the present time”
tells singer
Ronnie Atkins. “It Comes Alive is purely and simply a tribute to all our fans
and supporters throughout the world, who gave us so many memorable
moments, so much pleasure and making our childhood dreams come through

“The band’s spirit during the last couple of years has been better than in a
long long time”
says Atkins. And “It Comes Alive (Maid in Switzerland)” shows
the band at the top of their game, performing songs from a 30 year long career.

It’s always difficult to make a set list that satisfies everyone” continues
the singer, “It’s a combination of what the crowd expect us to play and what
we like to play ourselves ! But of course there are songs like Futureworld and
Red hot and heavy that we have been playing for the last 25 years so, they
still get a new life every time we play ‘em and still seem to please our
audience. But basically what you will find on this Live album are the songs
that we toured with on the Pandemonium tour, with a few exceptions

It Comes Alive (Maid in Switzerland)” will be exclusively released in a lavish
2cd/dvd digipak released and will include the following tracks:

CD1: Pandemonium; I.N.V.U; Hell on high heels; Wake up to the real world;
Destination paradise; Another shot of your love; Scream; Walk away;
It comes at night; Queen of dreams; Savage heart; Clay.

CD2: Yellow rain; Rock the house; Back to back; Rodeo; Lovegames;
Future world; Little drops of  heaven; Please don’t leave  me; Red hot
and  heavy; Lethal Heroes*

* bonus track
DVD Contents: Pandemonium; I.N.V.U.; Hell On High Heels;
Wake Up To The Real World; Destination Paradise; Another Shot of your love;
Scream; Walk Away; It Comes At Night; Queen Of Dreams; Savage Heart;
Yellow Rain; Rock The House; Back To Back; Rodeo; Love Games; Future World;
Little Drops Of Heaven; Please Don't Leave Me; Red Hot & Heavy.

Rockumentary (incl. backstage footage and interviews with the band)

DVD Format: NTSC Region Free / Length 120 mins / Stereo mix 2.0 / Screen 16:9

The Album trailer can be enjoyed following this link:

It Comes Alive (Maid in Switzerland)” captures Pretty Maids in their finest
moment, Live on stage – In your face ! It’s party time, so just:


Ronnie Atkins: Vocals
Ken Hammer: Guitar
Rene Shades: Bass
Allan Tchicaja: Drums
Morten Sandager: Keyboards




Merry Xmas!









Pretty Maids will be attending the 70000 Tons of Metal rock cruise, from Miami,
US to George Town, Cayman Islands on Jan 23 - 27 2012. The band is set to play
two performances during the cruise and are truly exited to play their first
concerts ever, in front of an overseas audience !!!


Pretty Maids



Thank you Z7 !!!



Pretty Maids would like to extend their grattitude to all who showed up
in Pratteln, Switzerland on October 1st for the DVD shoot.
It was indeed a night to remember, and luckily we will now that it's all on tape.
The crowd at Z7 was the best audience imaginable, and the spirit was through
the roof.

The DVD is set for release in early 2012. Keep checking back for teasers and more

Pretty Maids



Setlist poll ended!



First of all, thanks for all your votes! We are very happy that so many
of you have given us your opinion, and here are the top three, which will be
included in the setlist at Z7, Pratteln:

1: Yellow Rain
2: Queen of Dreams
3: Hell on High Heels

As a special treat, we've selected one of all the voters, and we are
sending Laetita Verneuil a Pretty Maids keyhanger.

Pretty Maids



Pretty Maids Fan Club bustrip



We've finally been able to piece together an offer for all of you, who would like
to get on a bus and go experience the whole package at the first ever
Pretty Maids DVD recording, in Pratteln, Switzerland at Z7 - October 1st.

We know this is very last minute, but we've been struggling back and forth
with a lot of issues to make this work, so we hope you will join other
PM fans, and gather your last Kroners and Euros and join this special
travel-party for a very unique and special evening, with a Gold-Pass ticket.

The trip-package will include the following
(Goldticket is limited to 40 people only)

- Busride - from your selected city and back all included. (see the cities below)
- Access to sound check/camera check on arrival in Pratteln
- Concert ticket and VIP pass, and a chance to say hi to the band without
  100 other people in front of you.
- A chance to meet the band backstage at Pratteln and see everything
  from our point of view. (the Z7 is a very special venue to many bands)
- Your name in the CD/DVD booklet as special guest on this event
- Group photo with the band in the CD/DVD booklet
- Option to buy a signed CD and/or DVD (when released) at a special price

Bus will leave from DK on Friday night (around midnight)
Bus will arrive approx 15.00 Saturday at venue
Bus will leave venue at 03.00 Sunday morning
Bus will arrive in DK Sunday afternoon-evening

The price for this package is DKK 1460,00 / Euro 195,00

To sign up for this trip, send an email to bus@prettymaids.dk with your
details (name, where to pick you up, how many persons and other things
relevant), and we will send you payment information. Please note that
we need to receive your payment no later than Wednesday, September 28th.

(more or alternate pick-ups can be negotiated if possible and if we've
missed something)


We encourage people who are not near a pick-up city to go to our forum and join the chat in the DVD forum to make
individual arrangements to car-pool (drive together) to either a pick-up-city,
or to the concert. However you will get there at maybe 25% of the original
cost + meet some new PM fans and share stories \m/

Concert info and all "in small writing"
This is the first ever DVD from Pretty Maids, so a longer set, with songs from
3 decades is planned for this evening, along with surprises etc...

We aim at 40 max for this trip - if we get much below this number we
reserve the right to cancel the bus ride, ofcourse money back to those
who have signed up. NOTE: The signed-special CD/DVD price will still be
offered to anyone who signs up and pays for the trip - realized or not!

\m/ Anything Worth Doing...!!! \m/

Pretty Maids



Setlist request!



Wanna help us decide what to play in Pratteln? Send us an email with your top 3
from this list. The poll will run until about a week before the show, and
when we have the result, we will let you know which 2 song will definately be
on the setlist. Please select from this list and send your request to

1: Spooked
2. Hell On High Heels
3: With These Eyes
4: Yellow Rain
5: Scream
6: Rock The House
7: Nightmare In The Neighbourhood
8: Virtual Brutality
9: Queen Of Dreams
10: Another Shot Of Your Love

Oh, and one does not rule out the other, so we may play more than
the 2 top-request ;o)

Pretty Maids



DVD recording info



Pretty Maids thanks all for making Skanderborg Festival yet another
amazing night and all at Buddy Scene Norway for making us feel so much
at home. One weekend to remember... \m/

We invite you all to join us for a special evening in
one of the best clubs in Europe, the Z7 in Switzerland,
on October 1st for the first ever Pretty Maids DVD.
Let's make it one of a kind!!!

We are currently arranging a fanclub-bus-trip from Denmark - door-to-door.
Maybe we will have stops in germany on demand, if needed.

If you haven't joined any forums or fanclubs yet, please feel free to sign in
and chat, share, exchange and meet with other PM fans around the world.

Below are the current fansites + ticket sale for our DVD recording

Dansk Rock the House
Deutch pretty-maids.de

DVD evening - BUS RIDE + GOLD ticket

More later
Spread the word... \m/

...the time we have to reverse this tide - is running out!!...

Pretty Maids


Lillehamer Rock Festival cancelled



Regretfully, the Lillehammer Rock Festival has been cancelled.

Please go to www.rocklillehammer.no for press release.




Live DVD/CD out in early 2012!



Pretty Maids announce the recording of first ever live DVD/CD

Pretty Maids will finally record their long awaited, and by fans
and followers, much anticipated Live DVD/CD.

The concert and recording will take place at the Z7 venue in
Pratteln, Switzerland on Saturday, October 1, 2011.
On this night, the band will play songs from past to present,
covering 30 year long career of melodic hard rock and heavy metal!

Pretty Maids will be touring for the remains of 2011 with their
highly successful and much praised 2010 “Pandemonium“ album
under their belt.

Hope to see a lot of fans and supporters from all over Europe
for ONE HELL of an anniversary party On October 1.

The live DVD/CD will be the first ever visual release of the band,
and will be out on Frontiers Records in early 2012.
The DVD release will be followed by a tour during the Spring
and Summer of 2012.

Pretty Maids line up 2011:
Ronnie Atkins: Vocals
Ken Hammer: Guitar
Rene Shades: Bass
Morten Sandager: Keyboards
Allan Tschicaja: Drums




iPhone and Android app developer wanted!



We need your help!

We want our very own iPhone and Android app, but we need you to
help us make one.

If you have the skills, please drop us a line - mail@prettymaids.dk




Pretty Maids announce new bass player



Pretty Maids would like to announce Rene Shades as the new temporary bass
player, replacing recently departed Hal Patino.

Shades has been a long time friend of the band, and did actually play
a couple of gigs with us back in 2004 as a second guitarist.

Through the years, Shades has played in various bands, Mike Tramp
amongst others. To begin with, Shades has agreed to step in for
the summer festival tour and will make his debut with the band
in Tivoli ( Copenhagen ) on April 22.

We’re all happy to welcome Shades onboard and we hope that all
our fans, friends and supporters will give him a warm welcome.





Hal Patino has left Pretty Maids



Pretty Maids has split with bass player Hal Patino due to collaboration
difficulties, this was apparently the best sollution for both parties.

We are currently rehearsing with a (at the moment) temporary new
bass player, who will be announced pretty soon.

This sudden situation will have no effect on the upcomin shows.
No concerts wil be cancelled!!
If fans and supporters out there are confused about all this (and we can't
blame you), we can assure you all, that the band spirit is as strong as ever.
In other words, we'll be out there to KICK SOME SERIOUS ASS!!

However, we would like to thank Hal Patino for his contributions to the band
during the Pandemonium tour, and we wish him all the best in the future.

But there are some good news as well!

Pretty maids have just come to agreement with Frontiers Records for a new
studio album + a live DVD set for release in 2011/2012.




Vind 2 billetter til Tivolikoncerten



Du har chancen for at vinde 2 billetter til Pretty Maids jubilæumskoncert
i Tivoli, København på næste fredag den 22. April.

Kig forbi Roland's hjemmeside og deltag ved at svare på
2 spørgsmål om keyboardspiller Morten Sandager.

Deltag HER

Læs også artiklen om Morten HER

ROCK \m/




Pretty Maids is ready for 2011



Pretty Maids is ready for 2011.

With lots of activity in the making, 2011 looks to be a real MAIDS-year.
Check out the tour dates to see when you can meet Pretty Maids
near your home.

If you haven't already - go join the forum! Interact with other Maids-fans
and occationally the band themselves.

We're still working on getting new items in the Shop and re-stock the
sold out items, so please check back from time to time.

ROCK \m/




Pretty Maids whishes all a merry X! \m/



Pretty Maids whishes all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thanks to all fans and friends, who made the shows a party.
Thanks to all colleagues and bands we've played with.
Thanks to all people involved in the Pretty Maids family,
Booking, Website, Tour, Stage, Sound, Shop, Album...you know
who you are.

We look forward to working and meeting you all in 2011.

"...We whish you - a merry christmas..."




Pretty Maids to open Tivoli



Pretty Maids will kickstart Fredagsrock i Tivoli in Copenhagen on April 22, 2011.

It's only the second time Pretty Maids will perform at Tivoli, last time was in
1996, when Screamin' LIVE was recorded.

This will also be a 30 year anniversary concert, so we hope to see you there.

- admin



Pretty Maids to visit Finland



Pretty Maids will be visiting Finland next year for the first time since 1990.

The band will perform in Helsinki on February 25th
and at Club Teatria in Oulu on February 26th.
Helsinki's venue and ticketing information will be announced later.

(follow details HERE)

- admin



Pretty Maids Forum and Shop is on-line



The FORUM has been uploaded -
Layout is still undergoing some minor destructions, but feel free
to post, comment and interact with other fans

Use the FORUM button in the menu to load the new forum and register
as a Pretty Maids Forum Member... Please feel free to spread the word
to your friends and facebook allies so we can get this forum up and running
with action!

If you have ideas for forums or polls please post it in the forum

- admin



Pretty Maids featured in new book and more...




Pretty Maids is featured in a new book about Danish Heavy Metal.
The book was published Friday, Nov. 12th and is titled;
"Heavy Metal - 40 år med hård rock" written by music
journalist Jens "Jam" Rasmussen.

An article (in Danish) can be found HERE


The MP3 section has been updated with two free songs from Pretty Maids
latest album "PANDEMONIUM" - go to the "MEDIA SECTION" for the treat...

- admin







Welcome to the new PrettyMaids.dk
As a part of the current European tour to support "Pandemonium",
we've launched a new website.

From now on this should be a more personalized website, with a new
forum, details and video on each member in the "Band" section, Tourdates,
Shop area, History told by Ronnie and much more.

Please have patience - we're working on the site every day.
The Shop will remain in the old layout for now, and the forum will
be updated shortly...

- admin






All content on this website copyright Pretty Maids 2010


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Mail: mail@fast-entertainment.dk - www.fast-entertainment.dk

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